The Moral of the Story

After losing his business partner to cancer, and witnessing the importance of relationships first-hand, advertising agency veteran Jeff Freedman set out on a journey to determine how the world’s greatest brands build relationships with people.

In this insightful and instructive book on brand marketing and storytelling, Freedman shares his personal journey and his discoveries along the way. In doing so, he guides businesses and individuals on how to discover and share the moral of their story, and become a respected brand that audiences love. Each chapter is filled with lessons learned throughout Freedman’s work with brands of all sizes across a diverse spectrum of industries.

The Moral of the Story is a must-read that will encourage you to rethink how you represent your brand and help you build lasting, authentic relationships that enable you to thrive.

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About Jeff Freedman

Jeff Freedman is the founder and CEO of Boston advertising agency, Small Army. He is also the founder and CEO of Small Army for a Cause, the nonprofit organization behind Be Bold, Be Bald!—the national cancer fundraiser inspired by the loss of his friend and business partner.

A regular speaker, panelist, and blogger, Jeff shares his experiences with brand storytelling, relationship building, business leadership, and corporate social responsibility. He currently lives in Newton, MA with his wife and two children.


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