Stop Bragging at SXSW

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March 8, 2013 by smallarmyjeff

Small Army EVP, Steve Kolander calls out Mashable for bragging at SXSW.

Small Army EVP, Steve Kolander calls out Mashable for bragging at SXSW.

For any of you that have been to SXSW, you know that it’s not just about attending the sessions.  It’s also about the discussions and get-togethers at the hotels, cafes, restaurants and bars where the conversations get much deeper and relationships are developed.  The speakers are not the only sources of content – each and every attendee provides a unique perspective that we all can learn from.  

Many of us do not have the privilege of attending SXSW in Austin and, in our ongoing quest for information and new relationships, we watch and participate via Twitter. But in doing so, it seems like many in Austin view SXSW as a competition as opposed to a collaboration.  The endless bragging (from people and brands) about exclusive party invitations, fancy hotel accommodations, personal achievements, awards and “celebrity” meetings are taking over the Twittersphere (and presentations).  They are interfering with the true gems of content we are all seeking.  And, those making such posts are impeding their ability to build relationships in Austin – no one likes a bragger (or, put in storytelling vernacular, autobiographies are not often best-sellers.)

Small Army is on a mission to help everyone make the most out of SXSW by encouraging attendees to stop bragging.  Our team is there, encouraging attendees to call out the braggers with the hashtag #stopbragging.  I encourage you to do the same from wherever you may be.

The first step to their recovery is awareness.  And when the bragging ends, relationships will begin.


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