A Holiday Toast


November 21, 2013 by smallarmyjeff

Let’s face it.  Advertising can be a tough business.  Long days.  Short deadlines. Quirky creative folks.   Anxious account executives.   New media and technology.  And, of course, demanding clients.  Yet, we keep coming back for more.  Because the truth is that that’s what makes this business so fun, interesting and exciting to be a part of.  If it were any different, we’d just find something else to complain about.

This holiday season, I’m thankful for many things.  But near the top of the list is the opportunity to work in such a dynamic industry with amazing people.  So, as we congregate at the seemingly endless holiday parties over the next several weeks, here are a few things we can all raise a glass to:

1.  The personalities and the people
To me, the best thing about this business is the people.  We are as passionate about our beliefs as we are about doing amazing work.   Every interaction is a learning experience.  We are colleagues, competitors and friends – all at the same time.  There are no other people (aside from my family) that I’d rather spend the day with.

2.  The creativity
Find me another industry where you can propose having a lizard pose as a movie star, or a chicken be subservient to anyone who makes a request, and not be laughed out of the room.   Better yet, find me an industry where you are globally recognized and awarded for such crazy ideas.

3.  The change
Some people hate change.  But, in this industry, we thrive on it.  Every day brings new information, new challenges and new opportunities to see and do things better.  How cool is that?

4.  The satisfaction and reward
We have a unique opportunity to see great ideas brought to life – and then see the impact they have in a market (especially with all the analytics that are now available).  And, if that alone isn’t enough, there’s always an award to win (i.e., Hatch, MITX, Effie, WebAward, etc.).

5.  The parties
Perhaps this is the biggest reason why so many last in this business.  There are more parties than there are meetings (at least, so it seems this time of year).  And, this industry definitely knows how to throw good one.
Here’s to an industry that keeps us on our feet, keeps us young and, most of all (and perhaps what we most take for granted), makes us happy.



One thought on “A Holiday Toast

  1. Tim says:

    Couldn’t agree more Jeff! Add to that the infectious pace that is both frustrating and one you just can’t live without.

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