Greatest Players of the Week


February 10, 2014 by smallarmyjeff

During the last few weeks, between the Super Bowl and the Olympics, we’ve had the opportunity to watch some of the greatest players of all time take to their respective stages.  But, amidst all of the sports hubbub, there are four players who I believe deserve the most attention of all.

John, Paul, George and Ringo.  That’s right.  No last names required.  The Beatles.

This past Sunday (Feb 9, 2014) marked the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ first US appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.  I am too young to have actually witnessed this historic event, but I know that it changed the world forever.

Their music has not only impacted culture, it has changed lives.  And, while their music is amazing, these Fab Four have also given us invaluable lessons that can help us be better people and business professionals.  Here are a few that come to the top for me:

1.  No matter how great of a talent you may be, you can be even better when working together.
John, Paul, George and Ringo were clearly each talented in their own right.  But, none would have ever achieved “Beatle status” without one other.

2.  “Best practice” is only the best practice until something better comes along.
The Beatles always sought to be better than the status quo, even starting with their name.  If they followed best practice in the 60’s, they would have likely been called something like “Lennon and the Limes.”

3.  Don’t just innovate ideas, innovate process.
The Beatles created more than amazing music, melodies and lyrics.  They also created new ways to record that music – and even developed unique approaches to each of the own instruments.  From a drummer’s perspective, Ringo is technically not great, but he more than makes up for it with his creativity.  Their sound would not be the same without it.

4.  The same old gets olds quickly.
Today, most bands have a few popular tunes and then quickly fade away. Their sound gets old because they don’t change it.  You always know The Beatles when you hear them, but every song is truly an original.

5.  One great thing leads to another.
Some of the greatest bands and artists of our generation would likely not exist today if not for The Beatles.   Read any interview with stars from Sting to Ozzy, and each will reference The Beatles as one of their greatest musical influences.

The list of lessons from The Beatles goes on and on.  I encourage you to share others in the comments here.

On a personal note, The Beatles have impacted my life in ways far beyond the lessons above. They gave me (and my wife) “My Life,” which will forever be our song.  They gave me “Julia,” which I can lovingly sing to my daughter of the same name.  They gave me (and my bands) endless smile-inducing set lists – even when I sang like Ringo on “With a Little Help From My Friends”.   Their songs, words and melodies will always bring positive memories and smiles to my days.  And, I’m sure I’ll feel the same way when I’m 64.

So, please don’t let me down.  Instead of going back to the USSR, let’s come together and twist and shout for The Beatles.


One thought on “Greatest Players of the Week

  1. Illusions of grandeur are not the same as visions of greatness.
    Never be afraid to change course or swim against the tide if you believe in what you want.
    It’s important to always gather outside perspectives and to welcome constructive feedback in order to forge ahead. Take the time to listen to other perspectives openly and without judgement.

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